How Do I… 

How do I become a member?

Grace welcomes all to be a part of its community of faith. Membership is a way by which individuals can participate more fully in the life and mission of our church. If you are currently a member of a Lutheran congreation, you can simply join Grace by Letter of Transfer. You can also join our congregation by Affirmation of Faith if you are from another Christian denomination.*


How do I schedule a baptism?

Through Baptism, children and adults enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and also enter into the baptized membership of our congregation. Prior to the day of  baptism, parents and godparents will meet with Pastor Patrick to discuss the sacrament and worship service*.


How do I schedule a wedding?

Marriage is an institution we value as the Church.  We celebrate with those who affirm their love as husband and wife. If you are interested in getting married at Grace, the first step is to contract the church office. Prior to the wedding, couples work with a wedding coordinator from Grace as well as Pastor Patrick. 


How do I plan a funeral?

We stand with those who mourn the loss of loved ones, given the hope and promise of the resurrection. Grace works in conjunction with funeral directors in assisting families in planning funeral services. Families have the option of meeting with Pastor Patrick to discuss specific parts of the service, such as music and Scripture as well as any other issues or concerns.  Arrangements for a meal are made through the church office.


How do I submit a prayer request?

At Grace, we believe in the power of prayer. Through prayer we feel connected with God and closer to each other, while experiencing courage, consolation, and peace. Your joys and concerns matter to us. If you have a prayer request, please contact the church office.


How do I give? 

Your financial contributions support the ministries at Grace Lutheran Church and share Christ’s message of love and mercy, hope and healing to the community and beyond. Ways of giving include:

  • At worship services
  • Mail contributions
  • Electronic Transfer (contact your bank for more information)
  • Planned giving (see GLC Foundation page for more info)